About Us

Our History


I’ve always believed that the way we look and feel are intertwined – if I want to feel fantastic, I’ve got to look fantastic, and vice versa. That’s why when my husband and I moved our family to Dallas, Texas, finding a trusted salon for my beauty treatments became a priority. It was easy for me to imagine the perfect place in my head – a peaceful, inspiring setting where I would be treated with respect, understanding and personalized attention – but what I found were salons and spas that didn’t live up to my expectations.

I thought, if these businesses aren’t meeting my needs, it’s more than likely they aren’t meeting the needs of other women in the area. Mc Skin Studio was created to improve your self-esteem, increase your confidence and enhance your natural beauty. When it comes to our skin, we deserve superior attention to detail, masterful expertise and honest, trusted guidance. Together with my husband, Dr. Marsel Yousef, we are thrilled to bring you Mc Skin Studio, where your best self awaits. Let’s show the world that women should never settle for anything less than exceptional.


A truly innovative med spa designed to ensure women look and feel their best with effective treatment solutions in an inspiring setting.


Because we believe womens should never settle.


To empower women to live their best lives with confidence, grace and complete fulfilment.


We work with the industry’s leading experts and utilize cutting-edge technology in a safe, luxurious setting so that our clients feel comfortable and confident with our personalized care, honest advice, and superior treatments.