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Acne Clearing

This treatment uses light energy to heat your skin tissues, stimulating collagen production.

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Acne Clearing

The Forever Clear BBL treatment is a non-invasive therapy used to provide acne clearing for patients. It uses broad band light to regenerate your acne-affected skin. Besides treating acne, it can also help manage your acne scars. It offers clear and healthy skin without any need to wait for months to see results.

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Active Acne (on most parts of the body)

Acne Scars

15 minutes to 1 hour

Recovery time is rarely needed
Minimal swelling, redness, irritation

Skin clears quickly and continues to improve as time goes on


What Is Forever Clear BBL Acne Clearing?

This treatment uses light energy to heat your skin tissues, stimulating collagen production. This helps your skin revert to its natural firmness, color, and texture. The acne scars are removed, leaving your skin looking clearer and brighter.

We take great care to personalize Forever Clear BBL treatments according to your individual skincare needs. This FDA-approved acne treatment is safe to be administered, and you do not have to worry about any permanent side effects. The treatment is compatible with almost every other skin-rejuvenation treatment.

The Forever Clear BBL Treatment Process

The Forever Clear BBL acne treatment is a gentle service and is not uncomfortable. A topical anesthetic is applied to your skin beforehand as a precautionary measure.

Each session consists of three different stages. During each stage, a different type of light is used to enact specific skin therapies. First, blue BBL is used to destroy bacteria in the pores. After this, yellow BBL addresses inflammation, redness, and acne scars. Finally, infra-red light triggers the skin’s healing process.

After Your Acne-Clearing Treatment

Recovery time and aftercare following Forever Clear BBL is minimal, since it is a non-invasive treatment. There is no restriction on applying makeup after the treatment, and you can resume your workday right after.

Only three to five Forever Clear BBL treatments are needed to give lasting relief from acne. You may need to come in for touch-up sessions every one to six months. The number and frequency of touch-up treatments you will require will depend on the extent and severity of your acne.

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I have had a wonderful experience with my acne treatment. Before coming to Mc Skin Studio, I had bad breakouts that cause me to have self-esteem issues. They are an awesome group of people!

– Dale Hildred

My acne was at an all time low. I had no confidence in my skin. within months my skin was clear! Mc Skin Studio specialized my treatments and knew exactly what to do for my skin. The products are great and affordable.

– Loretta Chandler

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Forever Clear BBL Treatment Take?

A Forever Clear BBL treatment can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. The exact time the service will require depends on factors such as the number and size of areas to be treated.

Does Forever Clear BBL Treat Acne Scars?

This treatment is not only effective for acne clearing; it can also treat acne scars. Triggering the skin’s healing process and collagen-production process works to resolve the appearance of these scars.

Does This Service Prevent Future Acne Breakouts?

Yes, Forever Clear BBL can prevent future acne breakouts from occurring in the treated areas.

How Many Acne-Clearing Treatments Will I Need?

Three to five treatments are typically required for best results.

How Much Does Acne-Clearing Treatment Cost?

The price of Forever Clear BBL treatments depends on factors like the number of treatment sessions required and the severity of the patient’s acne and acne scarring.



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