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Dysport® is very similar to Botox®.

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From the onset of prominent wrinkles to deep fine lines and crow’s feet, there are many issues that arise on our skin as we get older. At some point in all of our lives, the signs of aging will begin to take hold and cause us to look much older than we feel. Fortunately, there are many different cosmetic options available to reserve the effects of time and rejuvenate the youthful appearance of the skin. Dysport® is one such option provided by the skilled team at Mc Skin Studio.


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Facial Zone

15 to 45 minutes

No recovery time. Minor swelling, redness, and bruising may be present.


Neuromodulator results appear in 7 to 14 days and can last up to 4 months


The key difference between Botox® and Dysport® is in the potency of the active proteins. Because of this, Dysport® treatments are dosed differently and expert care is required to customize the treatment according to the needs of each individual. Dysport® is very similar to Botox®. It is a cosmetic injectable that contains a form of botulinum toxin Type A, a neurotoxin that is capable of inhibiting the signals sent to the facial muscles that causes them to contract.

The procedure is minimally invasive and provides stunning results that do not require highly invasive surgical techniques and a long period of downtime. In as little as 15 minutes, you can reap the benefits of Dysport® and quickly return to your normal daily activities without a problem. For some people, Dysport® takes effect faster and is longer-lasting than Botox®. It is useful in treating moderate to severe cases of wrinkles and can help relax and smooth different areas of the face. Patients can expect results that last between three to four months. Repeat treatment sessions can be scheduled to maintain the results for a longer period of time.

Dysport® cosmetic is also capable of spreading quickly throughout large areas of the body. Using it, we have helped patients smooth frown lines and wrinkles in different areas of the face, including glabellar lines and crow’s feet.

Dysport® is an excellent solution for patients who want to improve the look and feel of their skin by removing fine lines and wrinkles but have no desire to undergo invasive surgery. It is great for men and women who want to reduce the appearance of mild to moderate signs of aging.

During your consultation, our team will perform an assessment of your skin and discuss your medical history to determine if Dysport® is right for you. Ideal candidates should have a desire to reclaim their youthful appearance, be in good general health, and have realistic expectations.

Results can be seen as early as 5 days after treatment. Dysport® is a simple treatment process where the area(s) of injection will be targeted and the Dysport® cosmetic will be precisely injected into the desired area. Since the process is short, many patients choose to receive the treatment over their lunch break and return to work looking and feeling their absolute best.

Mc Skin Studio is dedicated to providing our patients with safe and effective cosmetic treatments that are designed to help them look and feel their best in their own skin. If you’re interested in learning more about Dysport, contact our office to schedule your informative consultation today. (972) 378-7657

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Staff is professional and kind. I have gone over a dozen times for dysport®, lip injections and coolsculpting® and I will continue to go back.

– Nancy Kaylyn

Love Dysport®! It last two months longer for me than Botox®, and also gives me a little lift which I love. I get it between my eyebrows, all around my eyes, and all over my forehead. Love the results, zero side effects.

– Esmé Christie

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