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Lymphatic Drainage

Make your body look amazing with a lymphatic drainage massage!

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Lymphatic drainage massages are a great ally for your circulation, because they act on the lymphatic vessels in order to eliminate from your body, waste substances, which have accumulated in the fluid that occupies the space between cells. These massages are gentle and painless, which will produce a pleasant and relaxing effect.


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Lymphatic massage, sometimes called manual lymphatic drainage, is a specialized type of medical massage. It can help treat lymphedema, in which lymphatic fluid collects in certain areas of the body because it cannot drain away effectively.

Lymphatic massage aims to improve the flow of lymph fluid, which should reduce swelling.

Massaging an area without swelling will make space for fluid to flow to those parts from more congested areas.

There are two types of lymphatic drainage: manual and simple.

Manual lymphatic drainage is done by a qualified therapist, whereas simple lymphatic drainage is a technique a person can use at home.

Lymphedema can benefit people who have a buildup of lymphatic fluid due to:

  • Cancer and cancer treatments that involve the removal of lymph nodes
  • Filariasis, which is infestation of the lymph nodes by a parasite carried by mosquitoes
  • Some types of vascular surgery, such as vein stripping
  • Burn scar excision
  • Lipectomy, a type of surgery to remove fat from the body
  • Infection or trauma in the lymphatic system
  • A buildup of fluid due to deep vein thrombosis
  • Health conditions that affect blood flow to the extremities, such as the hands and feet

Mc Skin Studio is dedicated to providing our patients with safe and effective cosmetic treatments that are designed to help them look and feel their best in their own skin. If you’re interested in learning more about Lymphatic drainage, contact our office to schedule your informative consultation today. (972) 378-7657

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Lymphatic drainage is perfect every time. The staff has great tips on additional treatments to help stave off the effects of age and the environment. a total pro!

– Macie Rhiannon

I appreciated that he offered recommendations and explained why Lymphatic drainage would be beneficial to my body, he did so in a way that I did not feel pressured to pay for the service.

– Jayma Livvy

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