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These services are recommended as part of your annual treatment plan and give you exclusive access to our best pricing all year long. Sign up now and start saving today! Give yourself year-round confidence with a Mc Skin Studio Membership. Each service has been carefully curated to restore and maintain your skin throughout the year.



$3,000 Value

    • FREE Botox or Dysport at Sign-Up
    • 15% Off Products & Services
    • 10 HydraFacial Skin Treatments
    • 2 IPL Photofacial



$6,000 Value

    • FREE Botox or Dysport at Sign-Up
    • 20% Off Products & Services
    • 15 HydraFacial Skin Treatments
    • 3 IPL Photofacials
    • 2 Body Treatment


Is there a limit on services that are eligible for the membership discount?

No, each membership is designed to give you access to the best pricing at Mc Skin Studio all year long, and guess what, it even includes Botox & Fillers!

What happens if I don’t use all the treatments within the year of subscribing to the membership?

Most people do, but services included do roll over to the next year. For any services that are not used within the yearly membership, patient will have 6 months after terminating membership to use all their services included in their package.

Can I share my services with other patients or friends?

Patient can share only 2 services included in the Black Card membership with a friend.

Is there a penalty for terminating my membership?

There is no penalty for terminating your membership.

Is there a freeze charge?

There is no freeze charge. You can freeze your account at any time, your account cannot be frozen for longer than 6 months.


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